Tournament Format: Pool Play with Single Elimination Playoffs.

Team Roster: As many players as you want, just a player that starts a game, must finish that game unless they are injured. If a player leaves due to injury, he/she is finished for that match.

Pool Play: 2 games capped at 21


Playoffs: either full match or 1 to 30 dependent on sunlight and this will be a gameday decision

Tips: No open hand tips.

Double Contact: Indoor Rules

Let Serves: Let Serves are NOT legal.

Blocking: A block is not counted as a team hit.

Setting Over: When the ball is set into the opponents court, the setters shoulders must be "Squared Up" or Perpendicular to the line of flight of the ball.

Time Outs: Each team is allowed two 30 second timeouts per game. Time out may be called prior to server receiving ball on either side of court between plays.

Side Changes: Teams should switch sides of the court after every 7 points in games to 21 or more, and every 5 points for games to 15.

If there is a dispute and it cannot be resolved via a redo, or a unanimous decision is not reached,  Ian Zalewski will make the final call (inapplicable if Ian is in the game)